The Auxerrois

Auxerrois belongs to the group of Burgundy grape varieties. However, its mouth and nose are closer to Pinot Blanc, even if it is slightly less acidic. The sweetness of Auxerrois wines is partly linked to the early ripening of this grape variety.

the Luxembourg exception

The delicate aroma and the low acidity of Auxerrois, allows it to be combined with a wide variety of Luxembourg specialties, such as fried Moselle fish. Its floral flavours with notes of citrus fruits, exotic fruits, quince or honey are also appreciated as a complement to delicate fish, white meat or cream cheese. The traditional Luxembourgish bean soup “Bouneschlupp” goes perfectly with a glass of Auxerrois.

"Being in the middle of the vines, in nature, is a vocation for me. I would be unable to work within four walls. I like the exchange with colleagues about their know-how, which allows us to go even further in the quality of the product."
Claude Beissel, Bech-Kleinmacher

Auxerrois is a more demanding variety. It therefore requires more work and it is necessary to prune and thin out the leaves of the vines more often. But it also offers beautiful fruits that ripen better than other grape varieties.

"I have always worked in the vineyard as my own boss. Like many people here, my parents and grandparents were already winegrowers, even if until the 1960s, they combined viticulture and farming. I love doing my job outside in this magnificent setting and to produce high quality grapes every year."

This explains the softer and less acidic character of these wines. Auxerrois also have a much better ageing-potential. For all these reasons, we produce mainly single-origin Auxerrois wines, unlike other wine-growing regions.

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