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More than 200 wine-growing families are working together to produce the best grapes from which these fresh wines emerge and are the trademark of the Luxembourg Moselle.

The “Vignerons de la Moselle” have been united in a cooperative for many decades. Before the First World War, most of the production was sold as must to Germany through a customs union called the "Zollverein". At the end of this conflict, this agreement expired and trade with Germany suddenly ceased. In order to find new buyers and help the distressed winegrowers, the decision was taken to found a cooperative that would take care of wine production and marketing. The first one was created in 1921 in Grevenmacher. Five more followed over the years. In 1966 five out of the six gathered to form Vinsmoselle and later in 1989 the last cooperative, the cellars of Wormeldange, joined as well.

"I've been working the vines since I was 13 or 14 years old. When my grandmother stopped, I took over her vineyards, afterwards those of my father. It was very important for me to continue the tradition. What I love above all is to be alone in the vineyard, without anyone to disturb me, especially after the harvest, when we have to tie up the vines and do the arches."
Guy Gales, Remerschen

Today, more than 200 winegrower families form our cooperative. They work together to produce the best quality grapes to obtain the fresh wines that are the hallmark of the Luxembourg Moselle. This constant exchange between the Moselle winegrowers, as well as their rigour and passion, makes it possible to bottle, each year, a few thousand sips of happiness...