The Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris flourishes particularly on loess terraces, but also on the shell limestone soils of the Moselle. It is increasingly cultivated on the Luxembourg Moselle and generally has a rather low acidity. This grape variety gives very structured wines, combining freshness, elegance and fruitiness.

a sip of happiness within reach

Pinot Gris wines captivate with a complex bouquet of aromas: green walnuts, almonds, fresh butter, smoky and fruity notes reminiscent of pear, dried fruit, passion fruit, pineapple and citrus fruits. These wines go well with a wide variety of dishes, from seafood and fish to pasta, lamb, poultry, game and mature soft cheese. Pinot Gris is also an ideal companion to the traditional Luxembourgish dish "Judd mat Gaardebounen".

"The great thing about this job is that I continue to learn every day in order to improve my knowledge. Working with nature and our different grape varieties is a happiness that is renewed every day."
Aly Leonardy, Mertert

Pinot Gris is characterized by its great minerality. You can almost taste the soil, the Moselle rock in which it takes root. We have succeeded in producing Pinots Gris with a very strong flavour. This is due to the work of the winegrowers, but also to the climate of the Moselle, which is particularly well suited to this variety.

"My ancestors were part of the founders of our cooperative, which means that the work of the vine is well established in our family. I learned a lot from my father and grandfather by working with them. Every moment spent in the plots is a joy, but I obviously have my favorite places, like the “Rosenberg”, for its beautiful exposure and its view of Mertert."

Working with this grape variety on a daily basis, while striving to achieve the highest level of quality, is a real pleasure. From the work of the vine to the vinification, we are constantly seeking to refine this product in order to offer wines that we enjoy tasting.

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