More than 200 wine-growing families are working together to produce the best grapes from which these fresh wines emerge and are the trademark of the Luxembourg Moselle.

The winegrowers of the Moselle (“Vignerons de la Moselle”) are the heirs of a thousand-year-old tradition, which began with the Celts, Gauls and Romans. It must be said that this region multiplies the assets for the production of high quality wines, mainly in white. The Moselle region enjoys a relatively mild climate, with few extreme temperatures. Its soil, half calcareous, half marly, produces wines with very varied aromas. The art of exploiting this rich terroir to the fullest has been handed down for generations, to produce creamy and full-bodied Pinots, aromatic and mineral Rieslings and fruity Auxerrois.

"I have always worked in the vineyard as my own boss. Like many people here, my parents and grandparents were already winegrowers, even if until the 1960s, they combined viticulture and farming. I love doing my job outside in this magnificent setting and to produce high quality grapes every year."

Claude Beissel, Bech-Kleinmacher

More than 200 families work every day in the vineyard to provide the grapes that will produce these fine wines, hallmark of the Luxembourg Moselle. Their quality is regulated today by the AOP Luxembourg.