The Rivaner

Until the 1960s, Rivaner was the most widespread grape variety on the Luxembourg Moselle and even today, Rivaner remains cultivated on more than 300 hectares. The reason is simple: there are many applications for this early maturing grape variety. Moreover, this fresh, tangy wine is very popular with both connoisseurs and those who are just beginning to take an interest in wine.

the gateway to our vineyards

The light yellow shimmering Rivaner wines have a well-balanced acidity and a floral scent, comparable to those of Muscat. Their harmonious character and accessible taste make these wines the ideal partner for tasty and traditional dishes such as Luxembourg’s typical "Ham Fritten Zalôt".

"A winegrower is never bored because nothing is fixed in advance. Work must constantly be adapted to the hazards of nature. My pride is to produce grapes of best quality every year, despite these risks."
Nico Moes, Rolling

Rivaner unites everything we expect from Luxembourg wine. It is lively, fresh and has a lovely acidity. For me, it is therefore the best grape variety to learn about the wines of the Moselle. Rivaner is part of our history, since it was planted very frequently at the beginning of the cooperative. I enjoy working with this grape variety because there is a challenge every year to maintain a high level of quality, whatever the conditions.

"In this business, schedules are dictated by nature, so you never know exactly what tomorrow will be like and that's precisely what I like. In my family we have been doing this work for six generations. So I never wanted to do anything else. Just being in my plots puts me in a good mood."

As for the wine, I like it because it can be shared in all moments of conviviality. My advice: it goes perfectly with fish and all dishes with delicate flavours, especially white meat. That said, it's all about taste. The most important thing is that our Rivaner will please the wine lovers!

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